2 Weeks UNLIMITED Wraps!

Excellent way to jump start a detox, weight loss, or lifestyle change.  New Clients only. Begins on your 1st appointment.  

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UltraSonic Lipo for Fat Removal & Reduction of Cellulite
49.00 199.00

Amazing for the belly area (some notice results in ONE session), but can be used on legs, butt, arms, and love handles. 

Ultrasound waves tuned specifically to target body fat, expand and contract fat cells until they release their contents to then be eliminated from the body.  *Best results are seen by doing a body wrap afterwards to help the body process out all the newly released toxins from the fat cells.

Smoothes the appearance of cellulite by stimulating collagen production and softening brittle connective tissue which can be one of the causes of cellulite.  

Expect to do 4-7 treatments to begin to notice visible results, Normally $199 per session.  Try it once for only $49!

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15 Minute FACE GLOW
20.00 55.00

ONE 15 minute treatment shows a smoothing of wrinkles and is the MOST comfortable treatment we've seen to brighten up facial appearance! Ultrasonic waves programmed to a frequency to target fat cells gently help to build, tighten, lift and stimulate your body to produce collagen.  The energy penetrating the surface creates tiny pockets of heat, which in turn, spur the body's healing response. More collagen means tighter, younger-looking skin.

Look for slightly raised eyelids, jaw lines more defined and if the neck area is focused on, a more taught under chin area.  This is the BEST quick, easy, natural and comfortable wrinkle-smoothing treatment available!  Most clients notice a shift in skin vibrancy immediately!  

Normally $55 per session, Try it Once for only! This is a great pre-weekend touch up treatment! 

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